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Fencing and History Nut Extraordinaire. While I am tending toward 16th century at the moment, I am and have been interested in history for a long time. Hence the fencing focuses more on the Renaissance period than the modern. This explains two out of three of my blogs. The third is a more personal one focusing on fibromyalgia. What I write in these blogs, I hope will be of use to people.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

... An Additional Note


I feel that I need to add a special note with regard to the language which I use in my blog posts. This applies to all of them future and previous. I tend to use the male form, i.e. "he", "man" and so forth. In no way should my female readers feel discouraged in that these posts do not speak to them. I use the original Latin root forms of these words with their original intentions. Thus in the case of words such as "chairman", the "man" part of this comes from "manus" to operate rather than any indication of a male form.

I am a firm believer in the quote presented in this marvellous picture from Esfinges. As will be noted from my previous posts in three parts about "Females and Fencing" I believe that women have the capacity for excelling in HEMA as much as men do. I feel that it is necessary that I state this as a special mention at this point in time as I believe that I have attracted some new readers and I would like to keep their interest and not discourage them.