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Fencing and History Nut Extraordinaire. While I am tending toward 16th century at the moment, I am and have been interested in history for a long time. Hence the fencing focuses more on the Renaissance period than the modern. This explains two out of three of my blogs. The third is a more personal one focusing on fibromyalgia. What I write in these blogs, I hope will be of use to people.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Latest Project - Mod to Early Mod - Update 3



Anyone looking for updates on my investigation of Early Modern English, or to be more precise Elizabethan English, should direct their attention to my new-ish blog "Olde Wordes: An Examination of Elizabethan English" http://oldewordes.blogspot.com.au/ . I figured that it would be better to transfer all of the research there and keep this blog for my fencing research. It also, I believe, will lead to better understanding of the project and my research into that area.



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