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Monday, February 6, 2012

Latest Project - Mod to Early Mod - Update 2


Some time ago I mentioned a project that I was working on focusing on Early Modern English (EModE), essentially writing a manual and then transforming it into the English language of the sixteenth century. The approach to this project and so forth can be found on my previous blog about this particular project (http://afencersramblings.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/latest-project-mod-to-early-mod-update.html). This is one is to update the proceedings to this point in time.

Well, I have gone through Saviolo (1595) His Practice in Two Bookes looking for the spellings of words in their EModE forms and placed this all in one place. Now I am alphabetising and putting all the words into a more usable format. I am hoping that some rules may form from the collection of these words. I will be moving on to other texts in order to add some breadth to the lexicon which is being collected.

In the studying of EModE I have come to the conclusion that more focus is required in order to make the final project more fitting to what the aim is. I have decided that I will be focusing on Early Modern English of the London dialect from the reign of Elizabeth I (1558 - 1603). As such I will be only using period sources from this period from which to extract words and phrases. The studying of the language is proceeding and some interesting things have been found in the process. This is a project which I am expecting will be taking quite some time in order to do it properly.

I will make further updates as to my progress on this project in order to keep people informed. I am expecting that these updates will be relatively short as real progress at this point in time is rather slow. The speed of the progress does not actually concern me, in fact it would concern me more if it was going easily and much more quickly.